Nurturing Children’s Intellectual Development

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Nurturing Children's Intellectual Development

We are a group of young translators, writers, poets and painters that have come together from all over the world to create an opportunity for our children that has been neglected for far too long. Children’s’ books are the foundation of every societies preliminary education means, one that provide not only the knowledge of this world but also how we should treat it and others that share the world with us.  Afghan children are severely lacking this mean. We either write our stories or translate them from English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Danish, Turkish, Chinese and many other language as the opportunity makes itself available. Our children books are in Farsi, Pashto and Uzbek languages. It is our passion to help our children to better learn and entertain in their maternal languages.

Why children’s books?

For many generations, Afghanistan’s children have been living without stories, fictional characters, heroes and activities that could stimulate their intelligence and imagination. With our books the world, we teach our children new values and shared memories that promotes tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, and kindness

Most of our younger generations are unfamiliar with many common human values. Therefore, through storytelling, we are trying to convey messages and values of life, friendship, family, love, peace, homeland, gender equality, creativity, honesty, responsibility and much more. To reach this objective, our new generation ought to have access to a variety of books.

Afghan children in exile, are also a major part of this consideration. We strongly believe that lack of valuable books and materials in Farsi, Pashto and Uzbek is the main reason that the first and second generations of our children living abroad, have forgotten the language of their forefathers.

By providing storybooks to our children we give them the opportunity to keep connected to their homeland’s culture and civilization and to be a useful citizen for the country and a true ambassador in abroad and in this way, our children will grow up to be great citizens of not just one nation but our planet at large.

Children Reading Gahwara's Books
Children Reading Gahwara's Books

How this plan could be executed?

As mentioned before, we are a group of Afghans that live in various parts of the world and we each have now learned a new set of culture and language(s). Some of our contributors have expert knowledge in the field of education in addition to being parents to such children. We are aware that the lack of reading material in Farsi and Pashto has created a major obstacle in our ability to help our children. Therefore, we write and translate children’s’ books to Farsi, Pashto and Uzbeki in order to establish a valuable source of educative and entertaining material for our Afghanistan children. These materials could be accessible in two formats: paper copy and electronic version.  So it could be available for those children who live inside Afghanistan, especially living in the rural areas and also for our children in other countries.

Our main ambition is to help nurture intellectual development of our beloved children. For achieving this goal we would be grateful to have your intellectual and financial supports in any means.